Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Momocon 2019 #convention #gaming

This year was a bit different for me than previous years.  For one, I didn't go to ANY panels.  For another, I only went to one workshop.  We "painted" dragon heads.  The paint was more of a wax, which we applied with a toothbrush, q-tip, or fingers.  I also didn't take any pictures of cosplayers this year (including my own daughter).  Not sure why, but I didn't.  It doesn't help that I recognized very few of the characters that were being played.  I did, though, do some gaming.  I played two D&D games and one ShadowRun game in the RPG room.  I also played Betrayal at the House on the Hill in the board game area.  All were very enjoyable games.  I've never played ShadowRun before and the guys at the table were very friendly and willing to help me out (not that my character had a chance to do much, but that's an oh well).

The vendors room was very crowded Friday & Saturday (no surprise).  I ended up buying more dice (again, no surprise) and a dragon that rides on your arm.  My daughter loved Artists' Alley.  I'm not positive of what all she bought but it included a couple of prints and several charms/key chains.

On Saturday I did wear my "Free Mom Hugs" shirt (just because)  I was able to give out 3 hugs, which made me feel good too.

All together, I enjoyed the convention.  My daughter enjoyed getting to see friends she hasn't seen in a while, playing the Groove Coaster game, and shopping.  Tickets are on sale as of Sunday afternoon for next year's convention.  Best price you'll get for a 4 day pass.

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