Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Kroger delivers #instacart @kroger #review

I injured my knee last week to the point of having a grapefruit on my leg.  Not sure exactly what happened.  Anyway, I hadn't done my grocery run yet when it happened and by the weekend I wanted to stay off of it.  I've used their ClickList before, where you drive up and they load.  I was going to do that and then send a teen off to pick up.  However, once I logged into my account, I realized that I could get it DELIVERED free the first time.  I decided I'd go that route instead.  Making my grocery list was the same as ClickList.  However, instead of just marking things as being able to be substituted, I had the ability to actually select what I wanted as an alternative.

I received a text when my shopper started shopping.  I received texts when she had to substitute. I could then go see what she'd selected and approve/deny her choices.  Now, I didn't have her do produce or fresh veggies for me.  Mostly just easy staples (cereal, frozen foods, etc).  When she was done, I received one more text indicating she was on her way.  At that point I let the kids know that they would be unloading and putting away the groceries when she arrived.

Easy Peasy.  First delivery was free, though there was an area to tip your driver.  Definitely a help so that I could keep off of my knee.  I thought I'd share in case anyone else had stuff going on that kept you from getting out like you need/want.

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