Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Updating my home and keeping me motivated #diy #painting #bobatea

My house is old.  I've gotten tired of it looking tired.  So, I'm updating it as I can.  Things keep happening which keep house updates from occurring, but it will eventually all happen.  This past spring break, my son and his friend ripped up the carpet on the stairs.  It was in really bad shape thanks to cats.  Once it was up, I determined that the wood underneath was in acceptable condition so it didn't have to be replaced (yea!).  Instead of more carpet, I decided to paint it.  The catch, once I'd painted the stairs, the trim and walls looked very dirty.  So, updated the trim and stairwell walls.

 This made the hall upstairs and downstairs look dirty.  Today (by 8:30a)  I finished updating the paint on the walls of my hallways. 

I've got some decorating I want to do (I'll post on that later), but my next big paint project is to finish the repair of the ceiling in the den.  That will lead me to painting the ceilings in the den and the kitchen.  It will probably eventually carry over into ceilings in other rooms.  It's one never ending project.

To make sure I keep myself working on the house, I promise myself treats as I get to various points.  Mainly, my treats are boba tea.  Doesn't sound like much, but it works for me.  You could say that getting the house refreshed is a reward in and of itself, but with so many things that have to happen, I'm better off taking small steps.  Otherwise, it would all get very overwhelming very quickly.  Now that school has started again, progress will, unfortunately, slow down.

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