Monday, July 02, 2018

Gone Thrifting with @ThriftingAtlanta #thrift #clothes

My daughter and I went on the Thrifting Atlanta bus tour to the Goodwill Outlet in Chattanooga, TN. It was definitely an interesting experience. I love to thrift, so does my daughter. She finds a lot of the pieces for her cosplay while thrifting. We started at the Goodwill in Marietta, then rode a bus up to the outlet in Chattanooga. I knew going in that we'd be "dumpster diving" at the outlet, but I was still surprised by what was there. It wasn't as big as I was expecting, for one, but it was rather dark and musty inside with little air circulation. I was very happy when someone offered me some gloves to wear while picking through the bins. I also made sure to wash my hands when we were done. We didn't get as much as I was expecting, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. What we did get is shown in the photo below. 2 pair boots that were hiding in a cabinet, a few shirts, ballet flats, belt, and a Tchaikovsky album.

We visited another Goodwill in Chattanooga as well as America's Thrift store.  Both of those stores were well laid out and very clean.  The prices at the Goodwill in Chattanooga were better than what we find closer to home.  The America's Thrift prices items individually, not by the type, so the deals there vary.  Goodwill stores are located around and about, fairly easy to find.  There's another America's Thrift in the Marietta area.

This is the rest of what we got.  I won't break all that down individually.  The basket is the sum of most of the clothes my daughter picked out.

A couple of extra items we picked up.  One's a gift for a friend.

The clothes I picked out plus one of my daughter's shirts.

We also found a heavy leather/suede jacket as well as a Dooney & Bourke bag for $10.  I picked up 3 over size bath rugs (bigger than your normal bath rug/mat) that were new.  All together we spent about $100 for 11 shirts, 9 pairs of pants (including a Cabela's pair that has flannel inside that were new), several pairs socks, 3 bath rugs, 3 pair shoes, an album and 2 figures.  Not bad for a day of thrifting.

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