Friday, June 08, 2018

Six Flags Twisted Cyclone #SixFlagsOverGA #TwistedCyclone #hosted

My family and I were invited to attend Six Flags' Media Day to check out the new Twisted Cyclone.  I haven't ridden a rollercoaster in years.  My blood pressure stays fairly low, so when I get on one of the coasters, it drops even lower and I start to grey out.  The Twisted Cyclone, though, does inversions corkscrew style only.  So, I gave it a shot that it wouldn't affect me as much.  I ended up riding it 3 times in a row, including in the front seat.  AWESOME!  3 of my crew rode it another 2 times after that before we headed into the park to enjoy the day.

The kids had a blast riding the other coasters and the water park.  I went on to enjoy the more "tame" rides.  I love the Monster Mansion (always have), the Carousel, and the train.  I also treated myself to a henna tattoo.  The lady who did my design was very friendly.
If you get the chance to go to Six Flags this summer, I definitely recommend checking out the new coaster.

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