Friday, June 01, 2018

I went to Momocon #crafts #sights #panels

I didn't do many of the things I usually do at Momocon.  Usually you can find me at the tabletop gaming area, in the RPG area, workshops and people watching.  This year, my main thing was to go to workshops and make stuff.  I sculpted a merman, painted a Pop!, and created a terrarium.  I also made a keychain, but I don't have good photos of it.  In my "down" time, I sat and played Pokemon Go!  I only took one photo of a cosplay, I didn't go to the RPG area, and I didn't go tabletop gaming.

These were in the vendor area, back corner near Artist's Alley.

The one non-crafting panel I went to was Okinawan Karate.  Being involved in Martial Arts myself, sometimes it's fun to learn about other disciplines.
My son went to panels on Friday & Saturday.  My daughter doesn't do much in the way of panels, instead she does a lot of people watching.  She did cosplay Friday & Saturday for a while.  I think we went home earlier each day this year than we usually do.  I don't know if there just wasn't as much that we were interested in, or if we just weren't in "Momocon' mode for the weekend.  There were a LOT of people, though, so the con itself seems to have been a success.  Next convention up for us: ComicCon in July.

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