Monday, April 09, 2018

Thrifting Atlanta and Unclaimed Baggage @ThriftingAtlanta @UnclaimedBaggage @IntownThrift

I went on my first bus tour with the Thrifting Atlanta group.  We started at Intown Thrift and then boarded a bus to go out to Unclaimed Baggage in Alabama.  I did pretty well, I think.  Price wise I probably did better at Intown Thrift.  $4 for 3 pieces (1 sweater, 2 pants).  They apparently have a really good sale on the last Tuesday of the month at Intown.  You can check out their facebook page for more information.  Worth checking out if you're in the area.

As to Unclaimed Baggage, it's less thrift and more consignment type store.  I didn't get any photos inside, but it was a large building set up like a normal retail store.  The clothes are all neatly hung on display. There's a jewelry case with a variety of both real and costume jewelry.  Camera equipment, computers, etc.  If you know what you're looking for, and what it costs retail, you can probably find an awesome deal.  I did pretty well, though I didn't spend $4.  Most of the shirts were new with tags.  The yellow shirt was $88 new, I got it for $10.  Bottom left is silk(?) from Russia (tags are all in Russian).   The top left and far right were both new with tags as well.  Me, being me, couldn't leave Minnie behind.  She and a small gnome were my fun purchases.  The turtle necklace is a diffuser.  It will open and you can put a cotton ball with essential oil on it and have it diffuse all day.

If you decide to go to Unclaimed Baggage, I suggest taking a day. I skimmed a lot of racks due to lack of time.  Not sure when, or if, I'll get back, but it was fun and interesting.  I'm glad the Thrifting Atlanta group went.

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