Monday, April 16, 2018

Landscape updates #teenboys #alotofwork #garden

I got my son and his friend to give me a big hand this past weekend. There was a pile of mulch left in two places after having the trees cut and stumps ground down. I got them to relocate the mulch. Husband had them "pave" the path through the island. They did a lot of ivy pulling first, then mulch moving. I think the path looks great. Now I need new wood for the bench (or a new bench).

I actually used some of the mulch around the potted plant garden (gnome/fairy garden) first. When the boys finished their mulch move, I had them install a bird feeder pole where the trees had been. Ultimately, I want to move 3 of my roses to that area. Two of my roses are overtaking the front walk, the 3rd just isn't thriving where it is. So, come fall when they're not blooming, I'll see about moving them.

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