Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Snackfever box #SnackFever #Daebak #SnackFeverFam #affiliate

We received February's box yesterday. My daughter and I immediately dug in to see what we could find.

This was just cool. They're basil seeds. You plant it up to the indicated line and let it grow.

My daughter and I have already cleared out the Cacao Nibs cookies (yum!), the Wasa Beef (wasabi! top right picture), the watermelon gummies (middle left), and the little candy straws (middle left).  The lemon honey almonds (middle left) won't have long to stay. I also tried the grape jam cracker (top left).  This box won't last long in this house.  Not pictured was a small poltice pack (to be filled with cold or warm water) and a pink bracelet.  Those wandered off somewhere and I forgot to put them in.  If you're interested in trying it out, it does come with a booklet that tells you about the snacks you are trying, so it's not totally blind tasting.  Check out my affiliate link to the right.

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