Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Out for fresh peaches #ExploreGeorgia #GAAgritourism #hosted @DickeyFarms

Dickey Farms in Musella, GA is known for it's peaches and pecans.  During picking season, you can watch the peaches come in from the orchard, get sorted, and packed to be shipped.  While doing that, you can enjoy FRESH peach ice cream (made with whichever variety is currently being picked).  They have over 20 varieties of peaches that are ready at different times during the season.  Not all of them are the soft juicy type, many have a more firm flesh.  All of them are delicious, especially when gotten fresh from the trees.  Their market is open year round, though the peaches and pecans are seasonal.  They do offer tours during packing season as well, both to groups and to individuals.  Starting next spring, they plan to offer U-Pick strawberries as well.

I was hosted by the Georgia Agritourism Association for this tour of farms. 

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