Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Boba Bee #restaurant #Atlanta #review

Boba Bee is one of those places that every time I see it, I say I'm going to go in and try it.  Saturday, the girls and I actually followed through.  It's a small shop in the same shopping center on Buford Hwy as Sweet Hut and Roll it Up.

I had their blueberry green tea fresca and a waffle.  My daughter had some cajun fries, her friend had the takoyaki.  ALL of them were VERY good.

The ambience was fun too.  There were some games you could play while waiting or enjoying your drink.  The menu for food was primarily meant for snacking, though I think we could have made a meal out of what was there.

I have every intention of going back soon and trying out some of their other creations.

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