Friday, April 14, 2017

Review - Harlem Shake #localauthor #book #JeffCarroll

When I went out to the Atlanta Sci Fi & Fantasy convention last month, I only really visited one author.  I'm not sure why, but he's the only one that really caught my eye enough for me to listen to his pitch.  As a result, I ended up purchasing one of his books.  For those that know my movie watching habits, you know I like disaster movies (Day after Tomorrow, 10.5, Volcano, etc).  This book fit right into that genre for me.

The book is The Harlem Shake No Where to Run by Jeff Carroll.  He has created his own genre of books that he calls HipHop.  The book follows a small group of individuals from Harlem who are at the epicenter of an extinction level earthquake.  It seems that there was an inactive fault line that suddenly activates as a major hurricane is bearing down on the US.   The story is the setup for what could be a full series of books, possibly even a dystopian type of civilization centered around the NY/NJ area.

I can honestly say that the book itself didn't take me long to finish.  Once I started, it was both an easy and quick read.  I was pulled in to follow the characters on their way to survival.  I look forward to eventually reading some of his other books.  You can see a list of his books as well as a small biography on Amazon.

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