Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday goes for street food at Chaat Ka Chaska #Lilburn #Indian #vegetarian @chaatkachaska

This is on the corner of Rockbridge and 29 in the Publix shopping center.  I took 4 teens to eat to see what they thought.

This is the inside of the store.  Set up with what would be street type vending booths.  You order at a counter and it is brought to you.

I ordered a Thums-Up float.  Very good, kind of like a root beer float, but not quite.  I also ordered a corn sandwich, which was very sweet and good.  My daughter's friend ordered a Samosa Chole Chaat.  My daughter ordered the Chaska Tokri Chaat.  One of the boys ordered the Bhel, though he thought it was too spicy (different levels of spice tolerance, the rest of us disagreed).  My son had the Pani Puri.

All of it was good, though very different in taste.  The kids agreed that going back would be good to do, so it's on our "go back" list.  The nice thing is that it's not far from home.  I fed the 5 of us for about $45.

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