Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Time to start considering the possibilities #elections #vote #doyourresearch

The general primary is less than a week away.  So, that means it's time for you to start considering (if you haven't already) those running for office in your area and the changes to laws/constitutions that are coming up.  To see who/what is on the ballot, you can go to the Georgia My Voter Page and enter your information. It will show you the three ballots for your area (Democratic, Republican, Non-Partisan).  Note: You can ONLY vote on ONE ballot.  You will have to choose which ballot you are voting when you go to your polling place.  You can click at the bottom of the MVP page to see the list of qualified candidates for more information about them.

One of the big things showing on my ballot is:
“Should an appointee of the Governor be allowed to bypass the elected State School Superintendent and local school board in order to take over local school operations including buildings and control of public schools funds?”

The answer should be NO.  This is your Opportunity District that we don't need.

In the meantime, do your reading and understand who's running for which office.  It's your job.
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