Friday, April 01, 2016

Checking out the new Boomtown @SixFlagsOverGeorgia @SFoverGA #sfogthrills

I was invited to bring my family out to check out the new Boomtown at Six Flags.  If you follow me on twitter or instagram, you had a brief photo preview of what I was up to last weekend. There was an adorable 7yo, Symeon,  from Make A Wish who was president of the park for the day.  He assisted with the ribbon cutting and checking out the new rides.

I had my daughter and one of her good friends with us to check it all out.  We started with the Acme Trucking Company and went for a ride.

They then went to check out the High Seas Adventure

The weather was a bit wet and cold for us to want to try this one, so we left it to the other families with littles to enjoy.  The photo is borrowed from Six Flags so that you can see it.

They were a bit too big for the other rides, though, much to their disappointment.  This was Yosemite Sam's ride.

The new area looks like a LOT of fun, especially for those with littles who can't ride the bigger rides.   Of course, with teens on hand, we had to head to Gotham to see what was going on over there.  This is the new Harley Quinn Spin Sanity.  They enjoyed it, can you tell?

There was also a new ride in honor of the Joker as you  enter the Gotham area.  There were technical difficulties at that one, so we had to pass on this trip.  It looks like there will be even more new stuff to check out later this year.

As usual when we go to Six Flags, it was lots of fun.  I don't ride a lot of rides, for various reasons, so it's my job to watch them have fun and get pictures.   The park is now open on weekends, though it'll be open all week for Spring break.

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