Friday, March 18, 2016

Prop making for cosplay #Splatoon #paintroller #maker

I plan to cosplay an inkling (from Splatoon) at MomoCon.  As such, I need my equipment to go with the costume.  I don't give measurements as it depends on whom you're putting this together for.  I built it to size for me.

Parts required:
3" PVC
3/4" PVC
1/2" PVC
4 1/2" right angle PVC connectors
1 3/4" PVC T-connector
2 3/4"->1/2" connectors
1 Pool Noodle
1 metal rod/rebar
1 roll polyfill

The tubing in the picture actually goes to part two of the project.

The metal bar goes through the t-connector for added support.  The top is simple.  Connect two pieces of the 1/2 to the t-connector after putting the rebar in first. Connect angles to make a rectangle just wide enough for your 3" PVC to be able to hang.  The pool noodle goes inside the 3" pvc to give it something to "roll over".  The 1/2" pvc should fit into the pool noodle nice and tight.

First coat paint and after the poly fill has been hot glued onto the 3" PVC.

Finished project.  An oversized paint roller.

I'll admit that my paint job isn't accurate to the game, but I had fun painting it any way.  Most of my costume won't be "accurate", but I'm just playing so I'm ok with that.  We'll have to see what the cosplayers at MomoCon think about it when I get there.

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