Monday, March 14, 2016

Aurora Theatre produces "Into The Woods" @AuroraTheatre #musical #GrimmFairyTales #StephenSondheim #JamesLapine

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I was given a pair of tickets to preview the new production of "Into the Woods" at the Aurora Theatre.  My daughter and I had seen the movie together, so she was more than happy to go see a live version with me.
The cast actually started on this set.  While we waited for the show to start, they came on stage and left in a little story setter.

If you haven't seen Into the Woods, or read the book, be prepared for a twist on some of your favorite tales.  With Cinderella, Rapunzel, Jack and the Beanstalk, the Baker and his Wife and Little Red Riding Hood, you get a wonderful evening of story telling.  You listen to the stories you know (not Disney's version) with their happily ever after, then hear the story of what happens next.  The first half of the show lasts about 90 minutes, the second about 55.  There's a 15 minute intermission.  It's a long show but definitely worth it.

All of the actors did a wonderful job, but my favorites were the Princes (Cinderella's & Rapunzel's Prince).  Played by Christopher Morgan and Brody Wellmaker, they stole the show when they were on stage.  To go along with that, their  performance of  "Agony" was one of my daughter's favorites as well.

My daughter and I both agreed that the Witch, played by Natasha Drena, was very good as well.  I think for my daughter it was the costume & makeup that first impressed her (one of the things she wants to do in the future is costuming & make-up).  However, her other favorite from the show was the song  "Last Midnight" performed by the Witch as well.

The show runs until April l7th with many already sold out.  If you have the opportunity, my daughter and I both recommend you go.  You can purchase tickets here.  She's already looking forward to next season and some of the shows that have been announced.  The big one she wants to see is IN THE HEIGHTS Music & Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

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