Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Medical Update on my journey to healthy vision #prism #fistula #brain #eyesight

I haven't done an update in a while so I'm overdue.  I haven't done one as there hasn't been much to update.  However, since the beginning of December my eyes have been trying harder to work together.  As of Friday, I could sit and watch TV and work around the house using both eyes.  There would be a delay in focusing close up versus across the room, but it was doable.  Driving was still an issue as my eye wouldn't adjust quick enough to keep from trying to go double.  So, I was still taping the one eye to prevent confusion.  My eyes didn't like it, but it was the only option.

Friday afternoon I had a follow-up exam with an ophthalmologist at the Emory Clinic in Decatur.  After his exam, he determined that it's likely that after 9 months my eye (muscle really) had healed as much as it was likely to.  The difference isn't big enough to necessarily justify surgery to fix the muscle, so instead we're going with a prism.  The same type of prism that kids play with to create rainbows, but different in that it helps to redirect my vision to create only one perspective instead of double vision.

This is the temporary prism the ophthalmologist put on my current glasses until I can get a permanent one done.

This is what it looks like on my face.  Not a huge thing, you can see lines down the glasses where the prism is.  For me, I see a slight halo at times depending on the lighting and angles.  It's taking some adjustment to get used to seeing "normal" again, but I'll get there.

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