Friday, November 20, 2015

Loot from @ConjurationCon #ConjurationCon2015 #HarryPotter #LotR

Just to show they had some awesome stuff for sale in Diagon Alley this year, I thought I'd share my loot.  My daughter has her own loot, totally different from mine.  This first item is a hand made leather bag.  Two pockets on the inside, one on the back.  LOVE IT!  This was my big purchase of the weekend.

The "mass" of my loot.  There's a Hogwarts Running Club with cool shirts for each house.  They sponsor many virtual races to support different charities.  Books-a-million was there, where I picked up my coloring book and my Sherlock Holmes pocket book.  I found a hand tooled leather Ravenclaw house crest and a Deathly Hallows leather band.  I even found the Ravenclaw house crest on a necklace and Snitch earrings.  My last item isn't HP related at all, it's the Eye from Lord of the Rings.  I picked it up for fun to cover my currently messed up eye.

Lots more stuff was there, each author had their own table with books and other stuff available.  For once, I didn't visit the authors as much.  

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