Monday, November 16, 2015

Conjuration Con - 3 days of magical fun #magic #HarryPotter #ConjurationCon2015 @conjurationcon

I was given the opportunity to attend this event again this year.  I took my 14yo daughter along as well.  There were some wonderful additions to the convention and a great new venue.  

One of the panels was a session by the Georgia Reptile Association.  They were the charity of the year with the proceeds from the tea party and donations to the group by house jar.  The group is very passionate about their animals and helping others understand and learn about snakes and reptiles in general.

I also attended Harry Potter yoga (taught by a member of Slytherin House), made a wand (more on that one later) and learned how to do basic prosthetics.

My daughter, on the other hand, attended Creature Cosplay and Culinary Conjuration.  For those that know her, neither one is a hugely surprising choice.  We both attended the tea party where she even went and had her tea leaves read.

Lots of cosplay this year.  A good variety, though most centered around Harry Potter.  My photos of the costume contest didn't come out very well.  The costumes included Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Box Trolls, Beauty and the Beast and my daughter in her Alice costume.

They even had an area where you could "visit" Narnia's lamp post. 

For once I didn't visit the game room (hosted by GigaBites Cafe) and end up staying there.  I wandered through, but never stayed more than 10 minutes.  Not long enough to really play any of the bigger games.  The convention did offer a bigger interactive game for attendees on Sunday.  It was a Hunt for the Horcrux.  A linear choose your own path story/game.  They read the basic start to everyone in one room, from there you made choices along the way.  You either lived to choose again, or "died" and were marked by a Dark Mark.  My daughter and I lost at the 4th stage.

They had several different performers as well, from Draco and the Malfoys to the Harp Twins.
All together, a wonderful selection of panels hosted by guest authors (and there were 20+ authors to visit!) and guests.  Next year's con will be November 11-13 at the same venue (Marriott Century Center).  I'm already looking forward to it!

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