Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Touring Savannah - Roundtable Train Museum #SavannahGA #train #childrensmuseum #familyfun

It has been years since I've been to Savannah.  For a while I went down each Christmas to participate in their parade with my newf, Nik.  My kids have both studied Georgia history and my son was very interested in visiting Savannah.  So, just before school starts we took a long weekend for a short visit.  We started at the Roundtable Train Museum.  When you visit, your ticket is good for 2 days, so if you miss something on the first day, you can go back for a second.  We were lucky in that the steam engine was still in use.  They have to take it out of service after 31 days for maintenance.  We came in on Friday, it was due to be taken out of service end of day Sunday.

There's plenty to see on the grounds.  Various engines, passenger cars and buildings to wander through.  We took about an hour just touring the grounds before we were able to board a passenger car pulled by the steam engine.

The ride wasn't very long as they really don't have a lot of track available.  They're hoping to raise money to rebuild a bridge that was dismantled long ago. That would let them tie back into the main line and maybe rent time for excursions.  There is one stop in what was the passenger car building.  This was where they worked on the cars for painting and maintenance.

The local model train club also has a small set-up in one building to resemble Savannah with a small train set on it.  The local children's museum also has space on the grounds for a really cool play area.  They're adding on to the children's museum portion as well.

You could easily spend a day at just the train museum.  However, we were short on time so we only stayed until lunch.

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