Monday, April 27, 2015

Medical Monday - Long Story Update since procedure to fix fistulas

So the big thing to note is that I'm diplopic (double vision) again.  It means I'm not driving or getting out until further notice.  Typing, working on computer, etc, is a definite challenge.  So, I'm not doing a lot of things I would normally be doing.  Like updating my blog like I should.

At any rate, I figured I'd relate all that happened since I went in for my procedure to get my fistulas fixed.  We were at the hospital by 5:30a with a scheduled procedure time of 7:30.  Unfortunately for me, there was an emergency that came in ahead of us, so I didn't actually go back to get ready until around 12:30p.  I was in the recovery area by 6:30p, from there I headed to ICU for the night.  It was not a pretty sight, my eye (and head) hurt pretty extensively.  I couldn't keep down the percoset, but a dose of morphine took the edge off.

I was released before lunch Saturday.  On getting home, I slept off and on most of the day.  My head ached, but I was not going to take the meds they sent home (other than the anti-nausea stuff).  Sunday was a little better ache wise.  Monday came, my pain went away, but the double vision set in.  Ack.  I checked in with the doctor's office and was told it wasn't "unexpected".  So, now I wait for my brain to decide to finish healing and to get back to "normal".

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