Monday, March 23, 2015

Oyatsu Box #Review (Japanese candy and snack box) #OyatsuBox

This was our 3rd box, though only the 2nd review, for Oyatsu box. My daughter loves trying just about anything from Japan, so this is still a good fun thing for us to do.  There were some familiar names this time around (Pocky, Ramune), though not necessarily the same flavor.  The Pocky was Matcha Tea flavored chocolate.  The Ramune was a hard candy.  The "interesting" flavor this month was  the Big Babystar Yakisoba bites.  Those are basically deep fried noodles.  You could tell it was noodles and it had a sweet/teriyaki style flavor.

The other items were Pokemon vegetable crackers, Morinaga Choco Balls, Gashapon (a capsule toy), a DIY sweet apple candy kit (very sweet), Puchitto Kudamono grape, Hi-Chew Creamy Yogurt candy, Caplico Panda, and Ganko Age.  The Ganko Age is potato sticks, the caplico panda is a candy/chocolate version of an ice cream cone.

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