Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Fistula, Diplopia, and miscellaneous updates

So, starting with the diplopia.  For the most part, I'm ok.  The weird part is if I hold my head at certain angles the double vision is still there.  I'm also still having issues with close reading.  I tried wearing my contacts for the first time last Friday and did ok. So I repeated the experience Sunday when we went out.  The second time I think the bright light was a contributing factor in my eyes getting fatigued much more quickly.  I see better with my contacts, but I feel better with my glasses.

For the fistula, I went to Peachtree Neurosurgery yesterday. I have officially been referred to Emory to be checked out by a vascular surgeon.  They also want me to see an ophthalmologist.  I'm now waiting on Kaiser to process the referral to set up the appointments.  No headaches, just bands of pressure. I'm not sure those are related to the fistula or just my sinuses.

All said, not a lot to update.  I'm as stable as I'm capable of being for now.

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