Monday, January 26, 2015

Exercising, habits, trackers and apps #workingoutonmyown

I have to admit that I really slacked off on my exercise program in December.  I only have excuses not reasons, so I won't go into the why's.  I am, though , working on changing that back to what it should be.

 I know I mentioned that my daughter's cat stole my fitbit last year.  I eventually found it, but lost it again on our trip to Florida last month.  I had already ordered a fist gen tracker from Pivotal.  I've been using that this month instead.  It has potential, but has issues.  My son couldn't get it to sync with his android phone.  After quite a few attempts, I was finally able to get it to sync with my iPhone.  Since then, I've had it reset itself once and due to the button location have managed to turn it off three times by accident in one day.  I've also managed to put it into sleep mode a couple of times by accident.

For my workouts, I've been using an app called SWorkIt Lite.  It was free and of course has a pro version.  It offers you the chance to change the amount of time you are working out as well as 4 options for types of workout.  I've been doing 5 minutes of stretching each morning and changing the second part around between yoga and strength.  There is a cardio option as well , though I haven't used it yet.

I have also restarted walking twice a week while my daughter is in lab.  It is very convenient to go to Sugarloaf Mills to walk.  1 lap around is about a mile and I don't have to worry about the weather.  I use the app RunKeeper to track my walking and pace.

I would love to join a boot camp, but haven't had the money for it.  Instead, I'll keep using free apps and my own drive (ha!) to get closer to where I want to be.

What are you using to keep you on track?  Any good recommendations?

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