Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Coming up with my bucket list - travel, projects, learning, fitness and more

During the Christmas holiday, I was thinking about things I want to do or go see.  Most are fairly easy, they would just take a bit of effort to do.  For example, I want to ride Amtrak to New Orleans for Mardi Gras.  When I retire I want to rent an RV and travel the country.  Eventually, I want to do more international travel.  In the meantime, there are places closer to home to see.

Savannah - I haven't been here in years.  My kids have never seen it.
Biltmore- haven't been here since my son was a year old.
Charleston- last time was a Cub Scout trip and we only saw the carrier.
Cherokee- my kids were too little to remember it.
Monastery of the Holy Spirit - I've been told it's awesome to see.
Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge - Love wildlife refuges

Some of the things I want to do are fairly easy as well, they just require time (and a bit of money).  This of course assumes that nothing else happens that forces me to spend money we don't have to spare.

Fix my back yard so that it has grass.
Be more successful in container gardening.
Build a raised garden bed.
Replace the carpet on my stairs with wood/paint.
Replace the carpet in my den with hardwood.
Learn to use a welder.
Learn to do 3D printing.
Re-learn how to play my dulcimer.
Re-learn the German I knew in college.

When it comes to fitness, my list is considerably shorter.  Simply stay fit and in better shape than I have been.  Sounds more like a resolution than a bucket list, but it's not something I only want for the year. It's something I want for life.

Have you considered what you'd put on your bucket list?

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