Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Preparing for the holidays - attempting to clean house

So it's my turn to host Thanksgiving at my house.  I don't have a big house (it's deceptive to look at) so it's always a challenge to prepare for any large group.  The big thing is to simply get things clean.  With all of the sorting and eliminating I did over the summer, I don't have a lot of the clutter I used to.  Of course, to get things clean I have to get family motivated to help. 

I'm sure as a mom that others have felt the same way.  My family doesn't seem to notice when I do clean, they only notice when something isn't clean that they need/want.  Given that my kids are teens, they don't always notice that something isn't clean (or that it is) unless it's VERY obvious.  I can only assume that that's a teen characteristic that's developed since I was one. I don't remember being that bad (though my parents may disagree).

So, unless I stand over my family and force them to clean, cleaning doesn't happen.  Hubs will even have good intentions to get something of his clean.  Rarely does it actually happen, though.  (I'm not allowed to clean his part of the office, I'll get rid of something he wanted to keep or hide it from him in the process.)  If I want it clean, I have to do it.  Normally, I don't mind so much. Sometimes, though, I'm more than ready to just throw up my hands and not even try.

Will my house be clean for family? Yes.  By sheer force of will.  Let the beatings begin!

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