Monday, November 17, 2014

Birthday Weekend #teenboys #lotsoffun #paintball @WildfirePaintball

For those that follow me on facebook, I posted a couple of these pics Saturday. My son's birthday isn't until Wednesday, but we had his friends over this weekend.  He didn't want a big celebration, but he did want to do something.  So our something was to go to lunch at Krystal (his choice) where I got a 48 count Krystal bag and drinks to feed the beasts.

When they were done devouring, they went to building. So funny to watch these guys.

We then headed over to Wildfire Paintball.  My daughter decided to join in the fun.  They did well until a couple of guys with their own gear came in.  They still enjoyed the game, that's just when the bruises started to crop up.  The funny here was there was a birthday party for a 10/11 yo boy that was there at the same time.  The young ones challenged the teens to a round.  The young ones were winning up until one particular boy gave up and then the domino effect occurred and the entirety of the group left the game.  (There were around 13 young boys against my 5.)  When the two with their own gear came in, they put the two against the 18.  The 2 won.

After they'd gone through around 2000 rounds of ammunition, we headed home for a "quiet" evening of XBox/Playstation. It was awesome getting to listen to these guys have a blast. I have to say I enjoy having my kids' friends over.

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