Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Halloween Cauldron #DIY #Maker

I got the idea for this from Pinterest.  I changed it a little, but not hugely.  The equipment needed was a plastic cauldron, piece of cardboard cut to fit the top of the cauldron, hot glue gun, expanding foam insulation and a wire basket.  Optional is a light set to put into the foam for extra effect.

Step 1: put cardboard circle into mouth of cauldron.  This took some work for me as I cut the cardboard to fit exactly.  After some play and the use of a coat hanger slightly bent, I got it into place.  I then used hot glue to make sure it stayed there.

I moved outside for the rest as I most assuredly make a mess, despite my attempts otherwise.  Instead, I now plan to minimize what mess I make to make clean-up easier.

Coat the top of the cauldron with the expanding foam.  As much or as little as you think makes a good bubble.  While it's still wet, you can embed the lighting into the foam.  Try to keep the lights outside of the foam but the cord in. You can add more foam as necessary.

VOILA!  A bubbling cauldron.  The original post used a tripod they built to hang the cauldron.  I found a metal plant hanger for less than $2 at a local shop.  I already had the hook in the yard with a bird feeder on it. I just took down the feeder and swapped out for the holiday.

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