Friday, September 12, 2014

My first wooden sword #Zelda #Mastersword #madeitmyself

My son has wanted to cosplay Link for a while now. We picked up a metal version of the Master Sword at a con a year or so ago. Unfortunately, you can't wear the sword TO a con as part of the costume. So, I got it into my head to try my hand at making a wooden sword he could wear instead. Lesson learned - don't use pressure treated wood. The lessons online said use 1x4 for the sword and trace the outline on that. That person then had to glue on the additional parts of the hilt that wouldn't fit. I got the bright idea of using 1x8 instead so that the whole thing would fit. It fit, it was just a bear to work with pressure treated wood.

This is after tracing and cutting with a jigsaw. My first time playing with a jig saw, much less trying a craft like this.

I apologize that I didn't take a lot of pictures in between. Shaping took a lot of sanding (fortunately, I have a Mouse sander and a dremel). The knot in the wood required wood putty as well to fill in the gaps that showed when sanding. Once shaped as best as I could get it (I know it's not perfect), I sprayed the blade with metallic chrome spray paint and the hilt with metallic blue. I taped off the opposite area I was painting to make a clean line between the hilt and the blade.  The diamond I tried initially to just paint on, but the paint I used wouldn't "stick" to the paint on the sword already. Instead, I cut a couple of small pieces of balsa, painted those gold, and glued them on. I then resprayed the entire thing with a clear coat acrylic paint.

VOILA!  A homemade wooden Master Sword.  Not too shabby if I do say so myself.

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