Thursday, September 25, 2014

Mamma Mia! @TheFoxTheatre Thanks to @BroadwayAtlanta @MammaMiaMusical and @BRAVEprATL

I was given a pair of media passes for Tuesday night's performance of Mamma Mia! at the Fox Theater.  My hubs and I made it a date night (of sorts), though it didn't quite go as we planned.  We'd hoped to go to the Vortex for dinner, but it took considerably longer to get in to town than expected.  Instead, we ended up at the Varsity.

The show, though, more than met our expectations.  Hubs wasn't sure he was WANTING to go to see Mamma Mia!, but he went to make me happy.  Both of us had a blast.  The cast pulled off the humor and the music with a wonderful finesse.  The humor started with a pre-show warning and flowed well throughout.  At the end, the cast did a fantastic curtain call (re)performing some of the songs that are so popular.  The entire audience was on it's feet and enjoying the end.

The show runs through September 28th.  Tickets can be purchased through the Fox Theatre's web site.

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