Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fun with #DuckTape @TheDuckBrand

My daughter and I played with Duck Tape this week. These are the results of some of our tinkering.

A hula hoop made out of irrigation pipe. We measured it to fit her size (a hoop of material diameter to her hip) and cut it. Then heated the ends, added a connector. My daughter took over at that point and decorated it with Duck Tape to her taste.

This was a challenge my daughter gave me. She brought me the bucket of Duck Tape and told me to "make something". I'll admit I went to the Duck Tape youtube channel for ideas. Then took about an hour and came up with the flower crown.

This was just for fun to see if I could. The base of the horn is a toilet paper tube. I then added aluminum foil to shape the rest of it and taped it on. Technically I used electrical tape, but this could easily be recreated with Duck Tape and be more colorful. The gold "striping" IS Duck Tape. The horns are taped on (by Duck Tape) to a spare headband my daughter had.  After it was all done, I went back and added a single feather to the tips of the horns.

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