Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thoughts for Thursday #elections #vote

I've been debating with myself what statement (if any) I would make about Tuesday's elections.  I took the day and worked the polls again, though with a different precinct from May.  Tuesday's precinct has approximately 1100 registered voters in it.  From what my poll co-workers told me, approximately 85 voters came in for the May primary.  We had around 45 voters come by on Tuesday.  That tells me that most voters are willing to let someone else speak for them, regardless of what's said.  I know that many precincts had better turn out than we did, but turn out in general was only around 10% state wide.

It's a sad state to hear so many complain about how things are being done, yet so few do anything about it.  They may be vocal, but they're ineffective if they don't actually follow through. 

If you follow the AJC at all, there was an article yesterday that mentions that of Tuesday's republican voters, 85000 of them didn't bother to vote for the school superintendant.  It may be that those who didn't vote are adults who have no children and thus have no desire to affect current education.  If that's the case, then you can't complain about those kids graduating without skills they need to have.  Education of our kids ultimately affects EVERYONE.  Those are the kids that you'll find running your banks and are the next politicians you'll feel the need to dis.  There's so much more of a big picture than just whether or not you have kids in the system.

I can only hope that there will be a significantly bigger turn out for the November election.  Whether or not I agree with your political stance, or vice versa, I'd rather see you make the effort to effect a change in the system and there NEEDS to be change.

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