Monday, July 07, 2014

Recap of my run at the Peachtree Road Race #ajcprr

I ran the Peachtree Road Race for the second time last Friday.  I didn't train for it as well as I should have, so I couldn't decide if I really wanted to run.  In the long run, though, I challenged myself to finish with what is my normal walking pace (15min/mile).  I started in corral L (an improvement from last year's corral P), but even so I didn't actually start the race until after 8a. 

This flag was hanging just before the actual start line.

At the start, I took a photo of all the runners behind me.  That was a LOT of runners.  Supposedly Meb was behind me somewhere.  The goal was to watch him pass me by.  I can honestly say I never saw him.

This is all the runners that were ahead of me by the time I hit the last big stretch.  The course is always hard but oddly enough enjoyable.  I missed seeing the 1 mile & 4 mile markers.  Oddly, that actually helped.  Along the route, though, the spectators and volunteers make it fun.  I will admit that I love seeing the patients from the Shepherd Center out cheering us on.  It motivates me to run that much harder.

I didn't get any photos of me at the finish on my phone.  I'll have to wait until the official photos are available before I can see/share those.  After getting to the MARTA train station, though, I had to get out my Breeze card.  Sweat & paper transit cards don't necessarily agree.  Some of the sprinklers I ran through may not have helped either.  Fortunately, it still worked to get me home.

All the effort goes to the shirt and the bling.  For those that haven't run, the bling costs extra, the shirt comes with the run.  Now to figure out how to display it.
Unfortunately for me, the app I was using on my iPhone errored and didn't record my run time.  My unofficial time from the race is 1:27 (found it on the road race web site).  2 minutes longer than last year.  I didn't hurt as much after, though, so that was good.  My knee decided to swell and hurt once I got in the car and started just sitting for a while.  Fortunately, rest and tylenol seem to have helped that out.

Next run is the Decatur/DeKalb 4 miler that the Atlanta Track Club is hosting. 2 weeks to get my act together and actually work for it.
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