Monday, May 12, 2014

GA Renaissance Festival @syngethedragon @garenfest

My family took me to the RenFest Saturday to celebrate both Mom's day (yesterday) and my anniversary (later this week). I wanted to check out the new Fire Whip show as well as some of my favorites (Tortuga Twins & Birds of Prey). Of course, getting to shop while I was there is always an added bonus.

When we entered, we were greeted by these two.

We did watch Barely Balanced and Tortuga Twins first.  Then we wandered around shopping.  My kids and I ended up with elf ears (my son didn't wear his at the fair) and my daughter got her hair braided.  We made it to the Adam Crack show (Fire Whip) a bit after lunch.  He started out with a single whip, moved to dual whips and then to this one. It's a chain mail whip. He split a diet coke can in half with it, before popping a balloon someone was holding.

Then there was a bit more excitement when he brought out the fire whip. It was very impressive.

We visited the bird exhibit next to the stage where the birds of prey show was held. I love this one as I have a blue and gold macaw at home.

All together a wonderful trip. I spent way too much money, but came home with some wonderful loot. Now hubs has to figure out how to install my new Sky Chair on the front porch. I wanted a little better picture of me with my ears, so I took this photo at home.

My kids and I have every intention of wearing the ears again soon.

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