Thursday, May 29, 2014

Exploring the Lego Discovery Center @LDCAtlanta

My kids and I were invited to the Lego Discovery Center at Phipps Plaza to check out their new Ninjago Training center and Laser maze.  The new additions premiered on May 18th to the public and are a great hit.  I didn't get any great pictures of it, so I really can't share what it looked like, but both of mine enjoyed the maze.  I think, though, that they found the challenge of the "training" more enjoyable as they could compete directly against each other.

We did tour the built area, where they display various buildings around Atlanta made out of Lego blocks and figures. My kids were very impressed. My son actually commented that it was a shame that they don't play with their legos as much as they used to. (They do still have a lego table filled with blocks in one of the rooms, it just isn't accessible currently.)  This display was the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

I found this figure in the build/play area. There was "house" where kids could build and play karaoke, she was outside.

My kids got into the spirit of building and racing Lego cards.  I built the "monster truck" of cars, my kids went for speedy.  Weight and velocity being what they are, my car generally won the races.

And just to prove that teen boys CAN cooperate, I convinced my son to try to sit on this little firetruck. He didn't fit very well.

The kids found the whole visit entertaining.  We even gave the rides a try.  We had tired fingers after shooting all of the bad guys on the first ride and tired legs after the second.  We didn't do the movie (I can't watch 3D movies and my daughter doesn't care for 4D).  After some discussion, though, we decided that they were a bit too old for most of it.  They recommend it for kids 10 and under and give it a definite thumbs up for things to do.
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