Monday, March 31, 2014

@MedievalTimes Knight Training #MTAtlanta Spring Break Awesome!

My daughter and I attended a Tuesday night showing last week at Medieval Times. We arrived early and had the chance to check out the Knight Training program that is available during spring break.  The kids lined up in the sand of the arena and were each assigned a "sword" for the practice.  I watched the group of kids  listen to the knights explain how to look for certain moves in the show and then how to do some of them.  They worked their way back and forth a couple of times through the sequence of swings with their swords.  All together, I think the "practice" was 20 minutes long.

My daughter thought it was cool.  She got to talk directly to the knights (one of whom was making very bad jokes).  She also was able to see up close some of what they do and to try it herself.  She would have liked to have tried it against one of the knights, given the chance.  I think if she were given a sword she might be dangerous.

Unfortunately, most of my pictures came out rather blurry.

Knights demonstrating what the kids will be doing.

Practicing and watching the knights show them what to do.

At the end of the session the kids were knighted en masse by the king.

After the knight training, we still had time to wait before the show itself.  Pre-show, we were able to talk to the falconer and meet Echo. The youngest of the birds to perform at the castle.

I did try to get photos of the show, but they didn't do well.  I really need a better camera for that.  At any rate, my daughter was actually tossed a flower from our knight! She was absolutely thrilled. Every time we've gone of late it seems we get the red and yellow knight. This time perseverance paid off.

WHAT: This Spring Break, bring your kids to train to become Knights of the Realm at Medieval Times. Children will enjoy watching an exclusive weapons demonstration by our Knights and the Weapons Master. They will learn about the grueling training it takes to become a Knight. Upon completion of their training, your children will be knighted by His Majesty King Carlos in a group knighting ceremony.

WHEN: This special knight training class is only available for certain show times: April 7th thru 10th: Doors open at 5:30PM with training at 6:30PM

HOW: Children must be between the ages of 5 and 12 to participate. Space is limited and training is available on a first-come, first-served basis for the first 100 kids. Training is open to both boys and girls. Closed-toe shoes are required to participate. All Seats for these shows are just $29.95 with code SBGR. Book online at or over the phone by calling 1-888-WE-JOUST.

I was given tickets to attend the show in exchange for an honest review of the Knight Training Program.

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