Monday, February 03, 2014

I'm hosting a #DisneySide party @HomeCelebration

You may or may not have noticed that I'm hosting a #DisneySide celebration.  It's happening on the 22nd of this month.  If you haven't received a facebook invitation, and want one, just let me know.

At any rate, I thought I'd explain what's going on.  I love Disney (and all things that go with it).  If you know me, you already know this.  I've pulled my daughter in with me. My son enjoys it up to a point (after all, he's a TEEN BOY).  Hubby, I think, primarily just humors me. 

What is a #DisneySide?  It's what makes you love Disney and how you show it.  It can be from something small (letting your daughter play with Disney princesses) to something big (travelling to WDW as often as possible).  It can also be in the little things you do.  Do you make someone's day special just because you can?  That can be showing your Disney Side by "spreading Pixie Dust". 

I show my Disney side regularly around the house.  Every room has SOMETHING Disney in it.  I will happily sit and watch the Disney channel or a Disney movie on tv.  Given the opportunity, I'd go @runDisney as often as possible.  Fortunately for me, my parents live near WDW and we DO get to go yearly.    Want to see more on how to show your #DisneySide? Check the link on the right.

So what is a #DisneySide party?  Whatever we make of it.  I received items to help it along (party cups/plates/etc) and items to give away (prints, bracelets, etc).  I plan to have a costume contest for creative costumes.  The idea isn't to purchase your costume, but to use what you have to create something Disney.  For example, if you wear black pants under red shorts, add a black shirt and white gloves.  Make a pair of duck tape ears and a tail.  VOILA! You're Mickey Mouse.  I'll have prizes for the best creative costume.

If the weather is good, I'll have some @runDisney themed games outside,  ie: a Donald Dash (up the street and back).   I'm still inventing games and activities, some will be based on who shows.  I plan to have the wii on with Disney games (Disney Universe, Disney Just Dance).

The food will be snack-type.  So, don't plan on a big meal.  I'm having a cake made with a Disney theme as well.  All will be somehow based on Disney. You can get some ideas of what I'll do on my Disney Side pinterest board.

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