Tuesday, February 18, 2014

@FernbankMuseum opens Whales: The Giants of the Deep

I was invited to attend the opening of Fernbank Museum's new exhibit "Whales: The Giants of the Deep".  
Featuring a unique blend of science and culture, this interactive and critically-acclaimed exhibition is filled with whale songs, beautiful artifacts, enormous whale skeletons up to 58-feet-long, and unique experiences, including the opportunity to climb through a life-sized model of a whale heart that's as big as a car.

As with most of Fernbank's events, they had a lot on display and activities to do before you even entered the exhibit.  This was a NOAA display of a juvenile right whale.  The size was close to what would be expected of a 5year old whale.

This is a sample of one of the fossils on exhibit.

This is a Killer Whale skull.  There were several there to view so that you can get an idea of what the differences are.  There were samples of baleen whale skulls and baleen as well on exhibit.

In the history of whales and whaling, items were made from both the bones and the teeth of whales.  There was a gallery of items (some antique, some not as old) that displayed this.  This is a hair comb.

A necklace of whale teeth.

At the end is the opportunity to take a picture.  My daughter and I stopped long enough for this one.

There was quite a lot to see and do that I didn't get photos of.  There was a sound chamber where you could listen to the sounds that whales make. You could learn about echo location.  There was quite a bit on the evolution of whales.  From cast skeletons to interactive displays, there is plenty to occupy even the younger ones wandering through.

Of course, if you're visiting the Museum, you can't forget about the other exhibits.  The interactive displays upstairs to learn about science, the history of Georgia itself in the Walk Through Time, and of course the NatureQuest area.  You can preview most of that on Fernbank Museum's web site as well as get more information about IMAX and the travelling exhibit.

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