Monday, December 16, 2013

Games anyone? @Momocon

Momocon hosted a table top gaming session Saturday out at Georgia Tech.  My kids wanted to go check it out (not that I wasn't curious too), so we did.  I was pulled into a few different games.  One was Coup (LOVE IT!) which is a card game.  I'd call it a bluffing strategy game (more bluff than strategy).  I had a blast learning this one.

From there I was pulled into a new game called "Munchkin Quest".  This one is one of those that could easily take a half day to play (if not longer).  It took us around an hour to figure out what we were doing (it was new to all of us who were playing).  Then another hour to really get started.  We didn't finish the game, unfortunately.

While I was off playing Coup, the kids all got into a game called Zombicide.  A zombie apocalypse game.  The apocalypse has happened, now survive.  I did play a short round as they were learning to play the game (before getting in to Coup).  My son really loved this game and has put it on my list for future game purchases.

The boys also got into a game called Ticket to Ride.  I think Jordan liked this one more than my son.   A cute game where you try to build a train line between cities.  There are "tickets" that have which lines you are "assigned' to build.  You get points for putting those lines together, you lose points if you don't.  This one took them a couple of hours to play through.

While the boys finished up that game, the girls and I were pulled into a couple of other card games.  One was Voodoo Mania.  A cute speed game (semi-UNO ish in concept) where you have to figure out what symbol/color is missing from the table card and find it in your hand.  The first person to run out of cards wins.   My daughter picked this one as her favorite for the day.

The last card game I was pulled into was one call Pick a Pig.  I think my daughter's BF Aubrie found this one the most enjoyable.  This is a speed match game.  You have to find a sequence of cards from a grid on the table.  Starting with one card, you find one on the table that is identical minus one thing.  You make that one your top card and then look for one in the grid identical minus one thing.  You continue until someone can't find any matches and calls "stop".  The group then checks each other's sequence to make sure they didn't make a mistake. The person with the most cards accurately sequenced wins.

All of us enjoyed the afternoon.  I think we'll have to try this again.  We try to have family game night around the house, so we now have 2 new games on hand to add in (we brought home Coup & Voodoo Mania from the pop-up store).  We'll have a 3rd after the holidays when I add the Zombicide that my son liked so much to the collection.  Next tabletop gaming day that they have, I'll plan to take food with us (the food court was closed).  I finally got too hungry to wait and didn't want vending food, so when the boys finished Ticket to Ride we headed home.  Then we can take the time to try even more of the cool games they had available.

What is your favorite board game?
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