Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Teens & Technology

I don't know about most schools, but I do realize that many schools are adding technology that kids already use into their classes.  My daughter uses Glogs and other tools to create and turn in assignments at Gwinnett Online Campus.  My son's textbooks are mostly online now, my daughter has no text books.  Both come home and play video games, or (in the case of my daughter) play with their phones. 

It's interesting that schools are engaging kids using the same things that we're asking them to turn off.  I'm not sure that turning off is completely the answer, but more of a moderation.

I do find this infographic interesting, though.

Then again, given that I'm online a good portion of the day both for work and for personal use (blogging/facebook/etc), maybe I'm not the best judge. 

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