Tuesday, October 15, 2013

BzzAgent - Maggi So Juicy #GotItFree

I was given samples of the product through BzzAgent to try in exchange for sharing my thoughts. We gave the Garlic and Tomato pack a try and it did ok. Recently I decided maybe a different flavor would be better received, so we tried the Italian Countryside. That one did a lot better. The nice thing about any of these packets is the ease with which they're made. You provide the (thawed!) chicken. They provide the bag to cook in and the spice mix. You put the chicken into the bag and then add the spices (much like shake & bake) and mix. Then tie the bag closed and place in a pan to cook.

Then bake depending on how much chicken you have in the bag. We had to wait about an hour for it to finish. When you take it out of the oven, dump it out of the bag.

Simple, right? I'm not a chef and my cooking tends to be stuck in a rut. So this was a nice change of pace. I've used chicken legs (with the Garlic and Tomato) and boneless chicken thighs (with the Italian). My family seemed to prefer the Italian. My son was thinking it might be more due to the lack of bones in the second dish, I suspect that they just prefer Italian type seasoning.

In either case, it's something I'm likely to start keeping on hand for those times when I can't think of what to cook or how.

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