Thursday, September 26, 2013

Japan Fest

My daughter is big on anime and most things Japan.  My son likes to explore other cultures.  As a result, we ended up at Japan Fest for part of Saturday afternoon.  We explored some of the demonstrations, including one for archery.

We wandered through the exhibits and admired the art work that went into it.  I found the bonsai club and admired what they had done.  There were some impressive specimens.

They had a room just for floral arrangements as well. These were two of my favorites.

We enjoyed lunch from Kani House. My kids had chicken teriyaki. I had shrimp tempura u-dan. We tried a Ramune soda as well. Nicely sweet, may have to check out the Buford Farmer's market to get more.  They had some games and lots of vendors.  My kids ended up with "swords" for costumes they're putting together.  My daughter got one from Disney's Kingdom Hearts called a key sword.  My son ended up with Link's sword.  It will be interesting to see what they end up doing with them.  I purchased a glass painted wind chime and a pair of hair clips.

Next stop: Anime Weekend Atlanta

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