Monday, July 29, 2013

Monday Musings

On the Aquarium:

The past few times I've gone to the Aquarium, I've ended up talking to new volunteers.  At some point, they notice that I've been around a while and inevitably they ask how many hours I've put in.  They seem shocked (and somewhat disappointed) when I say 900+ hours.  They seem to expect me to have put in considerably more.  I even had one point out that in a month he's put in 100 already.  I can't decide if I'm insulted or not by their attitude.  They don't have my life or my commitments, so they really can't compare what they can do with what I'm comfortable doing.  I find it wonderful that a)they're volunteering and b)have the time to commit that I don't.   If I could volunteer more, I would, and for now that's enough.

On fostering dogs:

I suck at it.  Really.  I'm good for the dogs and I love doing it.  I'm not good, though, at letting them go once they're here.  I get attached and no other home is going to be as good as mine.  So, I officially retire.  With a new dog.

On work:

I'm working.  Daily.  It's annoying.  I usually enjoy it, lately I've found it a hassle.  I'm hoping that as school gets going and we get our patterns back to "normal" I'll go back to enjoying it.  I'm also praying that it won't interfere with my daughter's education.  It was hard juggling my son's problems with school with work and making sure my daughter didn't fall through in the process.  So, we'll see how it works this school year and go from there.

On school:

My daughter will return to Gwinnett Online Campus this year.  They've moved the campus out off of Hi-Hope at 316.  That will make our twice weekly commute a bit longer, but with a new school hopefully it will work out for the better.

My son will be off to Meadowcreek High School next year.  It was a family decision based on what we determined would best fit his needs.  Now, to decide if he'll ride the bus in the morning or if hubs will give him a ride to school.  Hubs is more against the 5a wake up call than my son is, which is funny.  It's him that'll decide the bus thing just so he can get another hour sleep in the morning.

On Social Media & Blogging:

My son and some of his friends are working on a blog for teens.  I came up with the idea, he recruited his friends to join.  The concept is that it's a site primarily FOR teens and ABOUT teens.  It does have some parental contributions in there, but the teens are working on articles for it on their own.  Please take the time to check it out, give them a follow and leave (nice/clean) suggestions on things you'd like to see them write about.  The site is My Georgia Teens and does have a facebook page and twitter.  Please note that it's summer and it's moving at teen speed.. which for now means little to not at all.  I'm hoping to get them to pick it up a bit more in the next month or so.

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