Friday, July 05, 2013

Friday #Fitness

Today is recovery day after yesterday's 10K. The next online challenge starts Sunday. I was bad about following anything this month and I can guarantee that I can feel the difference. So, it's back on the fitness challenge and preparing for my next 5K (Color Me RAD).

I have also started addressing some issues that have prevented me from doing some of what I want to do. Once I get any real information on a solution, I'll get down to the details. For now, we'll leave it with I'm uncomfortable running (for more than just the reason of my knee) and I'm looking to see what I can do about it. Doctor visits have been scheduled, so I'll work from there.

Hopefully, too, I'll be better in generating content from my journey that you may find helpful. I'm still working toward the WDW 1/2 marathon in January. I'll be doing it one more time with my dad and am definitely looking forward to it. I like the Galloway approach to running, I just have to actually DO it. So, onward and forward, hopefully no more excuses in getting it done.

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mitzi said...

I wish you much success on your journey of health, running and goals!!!!