Monday, June 24, 2013

Travel Log - Yellowstone misc. geysers, springs and vents

Everyone that goes to Yellowstone ends up visiting Old Faithful.  We did too (pictures another time), but these were some of the more interesting things we came across.  They were on easy trails, but you don't always hear about them later.   They're not in any particular order or based on a given location.  They're just in the order I came across them in my folder of pictures.

The first is called the Blue Mud Steam Vent.  The dirt looked so dark it was almost black.

This one is Monarch Geyser Crater.  It was a geyser that managed to destroy a large area when it went off at one point in the past.  Still active and interesting, though.

This is Mystic Spring  Very pretty, beautiful blue water.

I found the name of this one funny.  It's "Young Hopeful" geyser.  It sputtered and spit the entire time we were there.


And just to show that the area is still active, not counting the active geyers/vents/springs we saw, we came across a vent that had opened up in a pull-off parking lot.  The NPS had fenced it off, but you could watch the steam coming out.

You can see the layers of asphalt and pavement that it melted in order to break through to the surface.

There were miles and miles of trails with geysers, springs, vents and more.  So many that you need the video or a book to really go through them.  We spent a week there, we could have easily spent longer.

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