Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Fitness Run Schedule updated

I have discovered a new puppy on the street.  He's a cute pitbull pup that really wants to play with my dog when we walk by.  I went to actually jog by this week and we had a follower.  As he's not tagged/collared/identified, I didn't feel right letting him continue to follow us, so I stopped my jog to let his owner figure out he wasn't where he should be.  Given what I know about dogs (and running from them), I also didn't want to continue running with an unknown dog (even if he is a friendly puppy) behind me.  I'm thinking it may be time to change my route or actually start going to the park to try to do my running. 

At any rate, with the Color Run complete..

In the event anyone else is attending these and wants a run buddy, I'm already registered -

April 20 - Dirty Girl (5K)
May 11 - Electric Run (5K, Team Just4Fun)
June 15 - Stepping Out to Cure Scleroderma (10K)
July 4 - Peachtree Road Race (10K)
August 3 - Run for Wounded Heroes (5K)
October 12 - Pretty Muddy (5K)
January - Disney 1/2 Marathon

I'm still working on runs to fill in the gaps. I need a 15K sometime Sept-Dec time frame, probably the IronHorse 15K in Kennesaw.

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