Friday, March 29, 2013

@FitnessRebooted 2 Pounds Down!

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I have to take the weight loss with a grain of salt as it comes on top of my having been sick last week. I'm hopeful that it'll stay off, I'm certainly doing my best to keep track of my food/exercise on MyFitnessPal and still using my FitBit to track steps. This was my last week of Zumba, I start yoga next week via Kaiser. I really need to work on core strength and flexibility. My kicks in Choi are rather wimpy and I really want to improve that.

My son had been asking for a chin-up bar for his doorway for a while. I broke down and purchased a kit that was on sale on Amazon. It came with the bar, a digital jump rope, and push up platforms. I've been playing with doing chin-ups on his bar and listening to my elbows pop loudly. I'm going to try doing them randomly to see if I can at least get that to stop. I do like the digital jump rope though. I can jump rope in my den without hitting anything with it and it tells me how many times I've jumped. It also times me for duration. It has definitely been a long time since I've done that exercise.

My daughter and I have the Color Run coming up in a week. I'm trying to convince her to wear a tutu with me, so far no go. At least she'll be doing the run itself. From there I do the Pretty Muddy and I'm going to register the family for the Electric Run in May. I was given a slot at this year's Peachtree Roadrace too, so now I have a 10k to work toward.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my progress. It's slow, but it's finally starting to make a difference.
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