Friday, January 11, 2013

Friday Fitness

I've used my fit bit this week, though I haven't been as active as I should. It's hard to do anything cardio when you can't breathe well. No weight lost yet (didn't expect any), but I did find that I do more walking than I expected during the day. Especially going up and down the stairs in the house. I haven't had the fitbit track sleep yet (when I'm not sleeping well, what's the point?), but I'll get there. In the meantime, I *have* exercised somewhat. Puppy can make that a challenge by "helping" me, but it's a start. Maybe I'll be ready to think about signing up for a new 5K by end of February. Still looking at the Color Run and the Mud Run in March.

To help me keep track, I have "MyFitnessPal" and the FitBit app on my iPhone. The FitBit app will sync to the FitBit itself. MFP will sync with the FitBit app. I find it easier to log my foods on MFP. A friend recommended for better stats. I'll check that out later, when I actually have some stats to check.

The challenge I find I'm having this week is the amount of calories I'm eating. The "My Fitness Pal" app keeps telling me I need to consume more calories. Sheesh and here I thought my problem was consuming TOO MUCH calories.

All in all, not a bad start. Now to keep it consistent.

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