Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween Decorations part 2 (scene setting)

My kids always laugh at me when I set up half of our front porch just for the spiders. I love to stretch the spider web cotton all over the front and then put as many spiders as I can in the scene. This year I added an extra "victim" to the scene.. they've cocooned my small scarecrow.

This is my skeletree. Hidden in the ivy (that you can't see until dark) are eyes that light up and blink on/off. Makes for a great spooky feel.

This year I put my grave stones together in their own area. I took some left over garden "fencing" and created my own grave yard. The two hanging skeletons are getting "married".

Either someone is crawling out of the grave, or something was left behind.. Two of my "stones" make noises and/or have lights.

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